Disclaimer 2021

Disclaimer 2021

Based on the online workshop Two-Year Marriage Contract presented by Concept to Licensing LLC and written
and facilitated by Colle and Phyllis Davis.

This online workshop and its concepts are the author’s opinions only.

Their ideas and agreements set forth in this workshop are not meant to be considered a legal document. Even upon creating and signing the Two-Year Marriage Contract, the document is only to be considered a social contract between the signers and does not indicate the signers are entitled to hold any legal privileges.

Furthermore, the signers are not legally bound to uphold their agreements even after signing their Marriage Contract. If the signers want to create a legal document regarding unique or financial agreements issues pertinent to the couple, they should be prepared by either an attorney, CPA or other professional based on materials they themselves developed from the premises found in Two-Year Marriage Contract and/or forthcoming discussions in this workshop, they are free to do so, and hold authors harmless from any repercussions therein.

This book is meant to introduce effective communication tools for negotiating seven areas of a couple’s marriage in seven areas: sex, love, fair fighting, living arrangements, social expectations, family and friends, and routines and habits.

The completion of this course does not guarantee a relationship will thrive or survive after the readers complete the process of creating and signing their own Two-Year Marriage Contract. Nor does it promise a broken relationship will heal and the couple will find joy.

The Two-Year Marriage Contract is only for education and entertainment purposes.

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