Create Your Own Two-Year Marriage Contract. 
We are entering a new post-pandemic world. Everything has changed.
Is it time to improve or reignite your love connection for each other, two years at a time?
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Be married forever – two-years at a time.

Marriage is your opportunity to experience happiness and satisfaction, but your plans may change over time. The Two-Year Marriage Contract is a simple tool designed for couples to look at their plans every two years and agree on any adjustments to your goals.

The Two-Year Marriage Contract offers an online weekend workshop offering a simple process that offers a formula for creating your own non-legally binding agreement for seven vital areas impacting the overall happiness and satisfaction of your marriage. 

Conversely, by avoiding these discussions or by failing to reach agreements in these seven vital areas,  your marriage may experience animosity and breakdowns. The Two-Year Marriage Contract offers a solution to avoid misunderstandings and stress in your relationship. 

The Two-Year Marriage Contract Workshop has been enhancing relationships with intensive-weekend workshops
for twenty-five years across the United States with Phyllis and Colle Davis. 

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Colle and Phyllis Davis, Authors, Two-Year Marriage Contract and Course and Course Facilitators.

Who can create a Two-Year Marriage Contract?

Married Couples

Engaged Couples

Committed Couples 


Couples Considering Divorce or Unmarried Couples or Partners Ending Their Relationship

We do not recommend the Two-Year Marriage Contract be created by unmarried teenagers.

What is the Two-Year Marriage Contract and how does it work?

  • The Two-Year Marriage Contract can act as a supplement to your existing marriage license, or it can simply be what it is, a mutually agreed upon social contract for creating an optimal relationship that you can renew every two years in the privacy of your own home.
  • The Two-Year Marriage Contract offers a revolutionary system for renewing seven areas of your relationship every two years: sex, money, family and friends, fair fighting, routines and habits, living arrangements and social expectations.
  • You will create a set of simple agreements based on these seven areas to live by for the next two years with plans to renegotiate your Two-Year Marriage Contract at home every two years to accommodate the ever-changing needs of your relationship so you relationship will endure forever – two years at a time.  

Renew these seven areas of your 

relationship every two years and stay

together forever – two years at a time.

Join us for our next Two-Year Marriage Contract Online Weekend Workshop.

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