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The pandemic has severely diminished our social skills as most of us have avoided all social functions, school, sports and health clubs, worship services, groups or worked from home to avoid exposure to Covid-19.

We are all out of practice (justifiably) for getting together with friends for dinner, going on picnics or attending events together. Maybe now is the time to learn new friendship skills to use when creating a new circle of friends when the pandemic is under control, and we can move forward. You have changed. We have all changed since Covid-19 and Delta rolled through our lives beginning in March 2020. It is time for you to make new friends to add meaning to your life.

Like your marriage, your friendships are an opportunity to have some of your basic needs met, and to offer to meet some of the basic needs of your friend. This is not about keeping score, instead, it is about offering your time or talents to support a friend.

Your exchanges and support system often seems out of balance. Learn to accept that imbalance

Friendships in marriage offer opportunities for couples to have fun together. 

Friendships are more common when couples have children because they share routines, commonalities, and geographic conveniences.

As couples age, it requires an effort to recreate those same circumstances to make new friends.

Letting friends go from our lives is not easy for any of us. You have confided in them at some point in your friendship, and they carry a piece of your story with them. 

How can we let them go now? ‘Failed friendships’ are part of the natural cycle of life, and they have valuable lessons to teach you about grieving, loss, and letting go.