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The pandemic has fundamentally changed who we are, and that means it is time to look at what kind of life we would like to have in the future. 

We are all socially awkward after eighteen-months or more of isolation with pandemic restrictions. As we begin to look ahead, begin with small plans, and build from there. 

Simple pleasures are a great comfort in married life, but without enough pleasure, it is easy to blame your marriage as well as the pandemic for feeling dull and lacking in joy. 

As we explore in the Family and Friends section of this course, you will instantly realize the pandemic has put everyone’s social life on hold, not just yours. We have not been able to gather in groups of strangers or even family members. 

Now is a good time to sit down with your spouse and brainstorm new ideas for the social life you want to create in your future.

What social experiences would you like to plan with your current friends and family? Is now the time to add new social activities with new friends

Stop and ask yourself, “Have I been telling myself I don’t go out on my own to enjoy activities because I’m married?” If the answer is, “Yes,” then it is time to stop blaming your spouse and begin conversations about the areas you would each like to do with or without your spouse. 

Growing together as a couple also means growing as an individual. Personal growth is a gift for both of you if you each bring ideas, plans, new experiences, and friends to the marriage for you both to enjoy. Over time, marriage blends two people into one. 

Socializing when you are 20-years old may be vastly different than your social life at 55-years old. Our interests change over the years because we have changed. Take the time to ask yourself what you would like to do now in our new post-pandemic marriage?