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Fight, but fight fairly. The number one reason for divorce is the habitual avoidance of conflict.

All couples have conflicts ranging from the use of sarcasm, avoidance, psychological abuse, screaming, and lying. Yet, if one of you wins, you both lose.

Successful marriages or relationships have learned the tools for fair fighting in ways that don’t demean their spouse and create irreparable damage to their relationship.

“If you ask me what gift you should give a bride and groom, I would tell you to find a course that teaches fair-fighting. Then the couple will know the tools to be married and stay married.” – Phyllis Davis, co-author, Two-Year Marriage Contract.

Over time, unresolved issues and bitter quibbling stop your love from growing, and then you may be tempted to rush-to-judgment to separate or file for divorce instead of waiting for your cycle of love to return.

Love comes and goes in all marriages. It ebbs and flows. Marriage is your opportunity to begin once again by loving and forgiving your spouse and then forgetting. Hopefully, there are enough good qualities in your marriage to balance the disappointments and resentments you have experienced. 

Letting trauma, fear, or anger build without addressing these areas of toxicity can harm a person’s physical and mental health as well as damaging your marriage. Learn tools to restore your marriage by sharing what you would like your marriage to be now and in the future.