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Learn new ways to create passion in your marriage by asking and answering revealing questions about your preferences for foreplay, sexual intercourse, and afterglow. There’s nothing sexier than asking for what you want sexually and then receiving that pleasure from your partner. The answers to the one hundred questions you completed in the Sex Section are included in your Two-Year Marriage Contract.

A marriage will not make you happier if you have sex more often than your friends. Never compare your sex life with anyone else.

You may have an unsatisfying love-making session once, or once a week. In fact, you may have feelings of emotional estrangement from your spouse that you cannot explain only to have your love flow return.

Sex is only one way to create happiness if it pleases both parties. There are many behaviors that can be factors in your sex life including flirting, a love-language, holding, touching, role playing, kissing, comforting gestures, eroticism, oral sex, orgasm, or the safety and stability of the relationship. Each individual may have sexual requests or preferences of their partner. Their partner may or may not agree to say, ‘yes.’

We do not offer cookie-cutter advice to mold you into the image of any other couple in the world.

All marriage have rough spots. We will show you how to enhance the quality of marriage by showing you specific things to say and things to do to reignite your passion, repair any damage that has been done to your relationship, and then restore your dreams for the future.

Happiness and satisfaction can inspire a good sex life. A good sex life does not create happiness and satisfaction in a marriage.