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Couples struggling with their financial situations talk about their lack of money or their fear of not having enough money. Or, they completely avoid the subject of money until they have financial crises which only reinforces their problems. They may also blame their circumstances or other people for the fact they don’t have money. They could change their lack of money by talking about new ideas to create money and then joining their efforts to increase their cash flow

We find that most couples need to learn how to manage their anxiety long enough to focus on discussing new ideas for making money instead of looking at their current lack of money. Over time, that initial anxiety often disappears and is replaced with money-related positivity.

Your entire family qualifies as a money-making team as long as you all agree on a specific and achievable goal. Even very small children can be taught the financial importance of teamwork. Learn to acknowledge their contributions by granting them special privileges or giving them a money allowance in exchange for their contribution of even five or ten cents toward your family goals.

Many couples have told us that consistently making an extra $1,000 per month would relieve their financial stresses and would also add to their overall satisfaction in life. As time passed, they found they began making more than their initial goal of $1,000 and made new friends along the way.